High Roller 11.5g Casino Poker Chips Review

My friend and I had been talking about poker for a few weeks and were discussing casino-quality poker chips. We were thinking about starting a weekly game with some of our friends and we were trying to find out what poker chips we were going to buy because we didn’t want to get chips that were not of high quality. As we searched the internet, we saw some chips called 11.5g High Roller Casino Poker Chips. These chips were offered at a good price and seemed to have a good finish for them. The weight was what we were looking for, as we wanted casino quality chips.

One of the other options offered was the decals that were on the real chip and it was not just a sticker that was put on or even painted. There were many denominations to choose from as well. We decided to order this set of chips and also bought a few more sets that we wanted to try. In my opinion, you can never have too many chips when playing poker. If we didn’t like a set, we would use it for backup if we started playing more than one table.

The day we received the cards in the mail, we were very excited link cmd368. I was happy with all the chips, but the High Roller Casino Poker 11.5g chips quickly became my favorites. I really liked the colors we got and you can read the denominations on the casino style poker chips very well. After putting together a game for the next weekend, we had to choose which set of chips we would use. We decided to use the 11.5g High Roller Casino Poker Chips first at my request. I am a little older and my vision is not so good and I could see the difference in color and denomination much better with these cards. As this was going to be our first game, I didn’t want to have to ask what color and what denomination meant. The other chips were not marked with any denomination.

There were nine players and we decided to play a tournament instead of just playing for real money. Everyone started with fifteen hundred chips and we were happy to be sitting together and joining in a game of poker. After we negotiated the button, and in my first hand, I received the best poker hand; pocket aces. I raised the pot and another player bet all of his chips. I paid immediately and he showed pocket kings. The flop was dealt and the other player hit a king and took me out of the tournament.

We made a deal that the first player to leave would become the dealer, so I switched to the dealer’s bank and started trading. I was bored, so I took a handful of the High Roller Casino 11.5g poker chips and started playing with them while the game continued and between deals. I really like the way they felt in my hand and we decided to use this set of poker chips for sale from now on in our home game, even if they weren’t very lucky for me!