Weighing the Use of E-Cards and Postcard Printing For Advertising

If you are having an internal debate on whether to adhere to traditional advertising means like postcard printing or even to go ahead to something more tech savvy as as electronic cards or e cards, you are able to go on the following benefits and downsides of each method.

The gap involving postcard sending and printing e-cards

Production of postcards usually uses either of both of cheap postcards printing these processes: offset printing or digital printing. Off set printing identifies your process of manual printing by shifting graphics from plate into rubber blanket to paper. This approach is the cost-effective alternative for mass-mailing since the unit cost per bit is significantly decreased with large volume orders.

Digital printing, on the other hand, is that the process where a picture or file is directly printed onto the paper stock coating. Unlike offset printing, this approach is ideal for short run requests, and it offers options like variable data printing which enables one to alter certain details per backup, and print-on-demand which lets you have a new batch of printouts as needed, even in little volumes.

Printed postcards are distributed to consumers in a certain location like within the area of one’s store, or because it is usually practiced, routed through direct mailing to focus on customer populations.

E-cards, however, usually do not utilize this means but depend on mass mailing, but done electronically via email.

Benefits and Drawbacks of using postcards and e-cards

There are particular advantages to using postcards such as sending out mail that recipients find more personalized. Other advantages include the following:

1. Easy viewing

Seeing is as easy as picking the postcard up from the email pile. There’s absolutely no requirement to open an envelope or any packaging material.

2. Guaranteed readership

With post, you can be sure your design and the copy will be seen as it’s exposed so that as soon as the image has been seen, you audience will be tempted to see or read farther.

3. Tangible

Postcards are concrete and so offer more to the perceptions and you may actually customize a number of its own features to offer it a more interesting or appealing twist.

4. Promo-friendly

With published postcards, you also may add perforations to it which means you can set tickets or discount vouchers. Your receivers can merely rip off that portion and utilize it.

The disadvantage, however, of printing duplicates is that production entails cost, therefore does bulk mailing. If you have a email list yet, you might need to buy or rent you, which is an additional expense.

The following are the Benefits of Ecards:

1. Free

As it does not require ink, paper and big machinery, making e cards could cost you zero in the event that you may make a great design in your or when you know somebody who may expand a free support.

2. Fast

After you’re done with the ecard design, you can send them out in 1 email blast to several addresses, and your audience will obtain their copy within a few minutes, unlike in print wherein your own prepress procedures, printing proper, post-production surgeries and shipping time.

The unfavorable side of e-cards is that you own a possibility of not having attention and only deleted off the inbox. To get many, you will need to get into another site merely to observe the ecard. Another disadvantage is they can scarcely provide convenient promos given that they’d still have to get printed.