How Management Consultants Can Find The Right Partner For Digital Marketing Execution

Management consultants provide an advisory service to organizations ranging from small to enterprise by assisting managers or executives. These consultants strive to solve management and business problems, identify and seize new opportunities, enhance learning, and implement changes in accordance with their organizational purposes and objectives.

While management consultants often have a wide range of business and technical skills along with a strong pedigree and amazing portfolio of past projects, they simply can’t do it all. At least, not successfully. In fact, many management consulting firms only provide their clients with the blueprint and map for how to accomplish the objectives they defined in the scope. But think about how much an organization can change in a matter of months (or even weeks) – the time it might take the project to come to completion. While Management Consultants excel in strategy and vision, they are often exceptionally weak at execution and “getting the work done”. There are many reasons for this: coordination, project management, brand standards, creative… and the list goes on.

Management Consultants are right to stick with what they excel at, but they often need a partner to work alongside them in real-time to ensure the work they recommend is actually happening – and is being measured and improved upon on a regular basis. So what should Management Consultants look for when choosing a digital marketing partner to execute their strategies? Here are 5 of our top recommendations for these consultants to keep in mind.


Establish the standards expected before starting with a new partner. How will you be able to communicate? Will you set a daily/weekly touch base meeting to stay aligned? How will they work with your client? Ask how frequently you can expect to hear from your marketing partner.

Great marketing services should actively work to achieve established goals. Ensure that goals are aligned and that you and your client have access to reports and customizable data to ensure you are obtaining the desired results.
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Avoid agencies that are vague about the services provided or try to conceal their methodology. Ask what specific steps will be taken to improve your marketing campaigns.

When you are ready to leave the agency are you able to take the information with you? If so, how will it be delivered to you? Will you have full ownership, or will your marketing partner also have access?

There are many different specialties across the world of digital marketing. Just like you wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your car, you may not want a web designer to manage your digital marketing.
Digital marketing is a rapidly changing industry. Make sure you are working with a provider who uses the latest marketing technologies.
Selecting the right digital marketing partner to execute on the plan is crucial for success, and should be done in tandem with the strategy – not months later. For more information on how a digital marketing, check out Torchlite, which combined industry-trained specialists with proprietary technology to make digital marketing easier and more effective.