Invigorate Your Meals With Water Bottle Infuser

In order to function properly, our body needs vitamins and nutrients. However due to busy schedule, you may not have time to cook up your own meals. You have to resort to many fast food choices. With limited options at the cafeteria or your favorite restaurant, meal can sometimes get monotonous. The menu can be too boring and choices of healthy food are limited if not none at all.

Infuser water bottle to liven up your meals

Working and living in the city, add water bottle infuser to your usual lunchtime essentials. It allows you to make your own naturally flavored water. Complement your meal with all the nutrients you can get from fruits and herbs. Instead of grabbing those processed beverages that are full of sugar and carbohydrates, enjoy the luxury of having fresh fruits and/or produce in your drink lemon water bottle.

Your water bottle infuser is a conversation starter. Friends and co-workers will be interested and it is a great time for you to show off what you made for the day. Stressful work related topics talked over lunch are replaced with interesting health ideas. People around you will be encouraged to try and you will be glad you have done something for their health.

Infuser water bottle as a visual treat

With all the possible colors it can have from the fruits and herbs you’ll be putting in, your water bottle is very much pleasing to the eye. Boring meals can be fun. The freedom to experiment with the flavors allows you to become your own little chef or food technologist. Beverages are healthy and refreshing.

The benefits of naturally flavored water

The main advantage is you do not get empty calories and carbohydrates. No sugar or very little sugar intake as well. Infuser water bottle promotes healthy living as it makes drinking water more interesting. Fill the infuser with fruits and herbs that you like such as strawberries, lemons, limes, orange slices, tea bags, mint leaves and so on. You will have good amounts of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium depending on the contents that you choose.

Some fruit and herb combinations

Citrus flavored water – prepare a rounded slice of orange, lime, lemon. Add them in your selected water bottle infuser. Release some of the flavor-filled juices by pressing ingredients. Fill the jar with water and give it a taste. Put it in the fridge and chill.

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